Left: A selfie shot of Brenda and her jeep in the forest. Fall foliage. Right: Brenda in ski gear at the top of a snowy mountain. Clouds on the skyline, trees encrusted with snow.

Wheels and Skis

  • Brenda enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and kayaking.

  • She serves on the Board of the Northeast Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (she’s a Jeep nut!). The Association is devoted to promoting “environmentally responsible Off-Highway Vehicle recreation.”

  • She just bought an electric bicycle for the campaign trail. It’s outfitted with wide tires suitable for the district’s dirt roads.

Brenda taught skiing at two resorts in Vermont for over 25 years.

Brenda in ski gear atop a snow-crusted mountain. Clouds line the horizon.

She gained critical people skills as a manager in adult and children's ski programs. This gave her the ability to work with large groups and individuals to appreciate the sport of skiing.

Besides, it’s just a whole lot of fun!

Help Brenda bring her experience to the Statehouse by voting for her in the August 9 primary, volunteering for her campaign, or making a donation so she can blaze new trails for the people of Bakersfield, Fairfield, and Fletcher!