Brenda stands looking reflectively at the camera.

Trans Ambassador

  • Brenda is a self-described “retired person, a woman who identifies as transgender, and busier than she ever imagined.”

  • She participates in the “Ask A Transgender Person” program, engaging with the public at local farmers markets, on corporate boards, in college classes, and social justice groups to decrease ignorance by offering a unique presentation of herself and her own life experiences.

  • By answering tough, critical questions, she hopes to make her community safer for transgender folks and begin to eliminate hate and prejudice.

In partnership with Keith Goslant (a decades-long advocate for Gay and Lesbian rights), Brenda helped create a series of seven historic LGBTQ+ Town Hall Meetings in the Fall of 2021.

These events offered queer Vermonters the opportunity to speak out about what they feel is missing in Vermont, locally, statewide, and on the national level.

Focused on building a better understanding of the LGBTQ+ community in Vermont, they will help shape legislative priorities for many years to come.