I'm active in my community's local government and in efforts to bring universal high-speed broadband service to northwest Vermont. I know the needs of our district, and I have the legislative experience to get things done for our towns.

For the past five years, I have been a Statehouse advocate for the LGBTQIA Alliance of Vermont. In the process, I've gotten first-hand experience at how the Legislature works and created alliances to get bills passed.

I am a self-described “retired person, a woman who identifies as transgender, and busier than I ever imagined.” With an old business slogan, "We Make It Happen," and a burning desire to give back to my chosen family and community, I hope to make a lasting difference in Vermont.

I ask for your vote in the August 9 primary, and for your financial or volunteer support. Please get in touch!

Brenda Churchill,
Candidate, VT State House FRA-6