I'm active in my community's local government and in efforts to bring universal high-speed broadband service to northwest Vermont. I know the needs of our town, and I have the experience to get things done.

For the past five years, I have been a Statehouse advocate for the LGBTQIA Alliance of Vermont. In the process, I've gotten first-hand experience at how the Legislature works and created alliances to get bills passed.

I am a self-described “retired person, a woman who identifies as transgender, and busier than I ever imagined.” With an old business slogan, "We Make It Happen," and a burning desire to give back to my chosen family and community, I hope to make a lasting difference in Vermont.

Brenda Churchill,
Candidate, Selectboard


Front Porch Forum Posting (March 3rd, 2023):

Hi folks in Bakersfield. My name is Brenda Churchill, a member of the Bakersfield Select Board seeking your support for re-election on Tuesday March 7. We finally get to have a town meeting again after 2 years of being away. I am looking forward to seeing you in person at Town Meeting for the first time in three years.

When we shut down for Covid, I wasn't on the Select Board but I went to meetings to see what it was all about. At several meetings, there was discussion of the need to hold meetings by video instead of in person. With permission from the select board, I set up a version of our current town video Zoom channel in time for the informational meeting about the town budget. At the time, no one thought it would last another year, but it did, and we got through it despite the disappointment of not being in person.

After I was elected (thank you again!) we learned that the US Treasury would be granting money to local communities under what is now known as the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The board chose me to be in charge of how the money would be allocated. I accepted that responsibility and also became the town Zoning Administrator when the select board had to fill the position.

Also, along with the rest of the select board, we have rotated our animal control position as no one has come forward to do that work. Ask me about cat herding sometime. As an elected Justice of the Peace, I performed my first wedding last year and have booked a couple more. I also get to count votes and work with the board of civil authority to settle tax disputes.

Outside of the work that I do in town, I am one of two people who represent Bakersfield on the board of Northwest Fiber Works (NWFX), our co-operative telecom/broadband venture. I also serve on the Vermont Commission on Women, where I work to make sure the voices of rural women are heard. I also have been the chair of the Affirmative Action committee for the Vermont Democratic Party, helping the party move forward to serve all Vermonters. My work with Emerge Vermont has allowed me to help democratic women get trained and elected to public office in Vermont, and I sit on their cabinet with women from all over Vermont. I also stay busy volunteering time to deliver meals and pick up food from Hannafords for the Fairfield Community Center.

Having lived in Bakersfield for over half my life (so far) I am grateful for and often surprised by the kindness and understanding of my community. I enjoy serving on your select board and I am proud of the work we all do to run our local government. Please vote for me on Tuesday. I would appreciate the chance to continue working for all of you.